Chisel Abs Like Ripped Mario Lopez

Published: 15th June 2009
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Chisel Abs Like Ripped Mario Lopez

The goal: chisel abs and have a ripped stomach like Mario Lopez.

Now the hard part: the ripped abs plan. Your a bit older than AC Slater and work full time, so 4 - 6 hours at the gym is not an option. We do our best to break down the chiseled abs strategy for you.

Diet - A necessary component to Chisel Abs

Diet More - diet plays an very important component when it comes to losing your beer belly and transforming your stomach into chiseled and ripped abs.

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Our top five diet tips will help you lose stomach fat and chisel your abs.

1. Monitor and track calorie intake. Stay close to 2,000 calories per day and feel free to spike from day to day.

2. Consume low carbohydrate meals in the afternoon and evening.

3. Eat proper amounts of protein. We recommend 55 grams of protein per day to promote muscle mass and lean body mass to fight fat.

4. Fiber, and lots of it. We recommend a high fiber breakfast cereal to start the day off right and keep your digestive system functioning properly.

5. A low sugar diet with plenty of good old fashion h20, water.

Exercise - the key to ripped abs

Exercise More - will define your abdominal muscles and chisel your abs. Perform high reps, we recommend sets of 25 x 4 and target all muscle areas of the stomach. Without detailing every aspect of your cores anatomy you will want to work upper, middle and lower abs down the center, plus the respective left and right sides. This totals six muscles areas across your abdomen that must be target in high reps. Once your ab exercises get easy hold each repetition for a few seconds and focus on the movement. This approach will yield a targeted contraction of the abs and chisel the abs.

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Supplements - the secret to Chisel and Ripped Abs

Supplements More - we recommend taking all natural and organic supplements to lose weight and remove fat from the body, specifically the stomach. Supplements like CLA and L-Carnitine can promote lean body mass.

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